Polū Eco Products is the creation of two Australian born mates who want to produce sustainable, ethically sourced, eco-friendly solutions that eliminate single use products and promotes Zero Waste living.

Companies have used plastics in their products and packaging for too long without the conscious awareness of the affects it has on the environment. We have found in our own experience that the material and disposal information provided on their packaging is sometimes misleading and we want to make things clear.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch off the coast of Hawaii is the worst affected areas with over 80% of the 80,000 tonnes of waste being made up of plastics. It takes around 500 years for plastics to fully breakdown, but not before turning into micro-plastics harming our marine life.

Our mission is to create solutions that solve this problem by producing products that are made from highly sustainable, ethically sourced materials that breakdown substantially quicker, leaving little to no residual waste.

We also want to create a global community of Eco-Warriors and Zero-Wasters by sharing information, ideas and projects around reducing your own waste footprint.

With every purchase of our products a portion is donated back to the Hawaiian community. We have partnered with AccesSurf, a Honolulu based non-profit charity organization that offers a variety of water-based programmes, services, and events for people with disabilities.

We only have one planet, lets look after it.

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