Tony’s Story - How AccesSurf help with my PTSD.

We are not only fortunate to discover AccesSurf and all they do, but we were also introduced to Tony who shares with us his story and how AccesSurf help him cope with PTSD  

So when I first learned how to surf it was with AccesSurf and I would only do it 2 times a month with them. But as I started to get more comfortable with it I bought a used board online for like $100 so I could go out more often. I realized that surfing was like jiu-jitsu for me, it was therapy for my PTSD. It would get me out of my own head and space, I couldn't worry about everything that was bothering me or the voices in my head talking to me. It made me focus on  the water, the waves and how I could finally get  up on this stupid board. Then that turned into, how can I fall off when I want to which in turn let me to see if I can figure out how to turn (BTW this all was over about 2 years). Every time I paddle out in the ocean, I know what I am there to do, but the part

that I have learned to love is that the journey/wave is always different. I have to let go and trust myself to understand my surroundings, so that I can make the next wave the best one of the day. Even if it's not the best one, it's still better then the one I didn't catch if I hadn't hooked up with AccesSurf.

Thank you Tony for sharing such a personal experience in what was a hard time in your life. 

With every purchase of a POLŪ reusable coffee cup we donate 50p to AccesSurf to give what we can to help them grow and make a difference in more people’s lives. 

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